Tapton School Academy Trust

Business Plan

Future Plans

We are developing high quality local leadership that ensures the fit to local conditions and needs, within carefully constructed structures and approaches. At the same time we are committed to the development of high quality learning regionally and this outward face will help drive improvement at TSAT. We value our staff and are enabling them to become exceptional professionals through learning and development. Our new teaching school, Fields of Learning will provide impactful learning to develop both leadership capacity and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. It will also provide excellent opportunities for new entrants to the profession, development and deployment of strategic leaders in local and national education whilst also ensuring a hub for effective school to school support.

A key focus of the coming year is to provide a cost effective organisation and a business model that delivers efficiency, effectiveness and economies of scale in order to free up more resources for our learners in the challenging years ahead. A professionally led Executive team with a high level of business skills frees our Local Governors to focus on the outcomes of the Academy in their communities, whilst ensuring that we achieve best value for money and a sustainable, independent Trust that is financially viable and able to invest in innovation and growth.

As a Trust we are continually looking to improve and in July 2017 revised our Articles of Association, having previously developed the process of governance through three Sub-committees of the Board; Risk Assurance and Governance; Finance and Resources; Learning Experience. Five new skill based Directors were appointed and those Chairs of Local Academy councils (LACs) who were previously on the Board now form the Academy Advisory Council reporting to the Board. They Chair their respective LACs and attend the Learning Experience sub-committee.  

A more detailed business plan is being developed for the next 5 years including plans for growth.