Tapton School Academy Trust

The future looks bright for Chaucer School

Chaucer School is proud to report that it has been deemed by HMI/Ofsted to no longer require special measures.

Chaucer School is pleased that the improvements it has made have been recognised and it will continue to work assiduously to address any areas that still require improvement.

HMI/Ofsted positively recognised particularly the last eighteen months of Chaucer School development, with improvement in all aspects of school life. This has been effectively supported by governors and Tapton School Academy Trust.

The school has the following strengths:

  • Leaders have established a caring, warm and welcoming environment which pupils regard highly as a place of safety
  • Behaviour has improved
  • Pupils universally report that they feel safe when they are in the school
  • School leaders, including governors, are focussed on the appropriate priorities for improvement
  • Pupils are making much better progress than they have in the past, particularly those in Key Stage 3
  • Improving teaching is leading to better progress
  • Leaders have developed a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils, including those who may be at risk of exclusion

Headteacher of Chaucer School, Scott Burnside, said: "Chaucer School is in a strong position to take forward the next stage of its improvement journey; with particular thanks to students, parents and staff for the partnership, hard work and determination to succeed that has brought this about."

David Dennis, CEO and Director of Secondary for Tapton School Academy Trust said: "Chaucer Schools membership as part of the Tapton School Academy Trust is recognised by inspectors throughout the report. Chaucer School benefits from cross-trust initiatives, leadership support and shared subject skills and expertise."