Tapton School Academy Trust

Tapton School Academy Trust Update

A statement from the Executive Team regarding Tapton School Academy Trust and Bradfield Secondary School.

Tapton School Academy Trust has been working closely with Bradfield School to support students affected by the potential closure of its Sixth Form. The Trust has offered guaranteed places (subject to entry requirements) at Tapton School or Forge Valley School.

Bradfield and TSAT have many areas of alignment and well established links, and Bradfield Trustees have approached us to consider Bradfield School joining the Trust.

Bradfield School are currently being monitored by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) due to their financial difficulties, and have been recommended to join a Multi Academy Trust.

We are pleased to announce that the potential transfer was approved by the RSC on 4th April, and is now subject to ministerial approval and final TSAT Board approval.

All parties are working together to ensure that the students of Bradfield School receive the support and development opportunities that they deserve. Following a final decision we will communicate directly with students, parents and staff.