Tapton School Academy Trust

Return to school in January 2021

Confirmation of the reopening plans for TSAT Schools from 4th January 2021.

On Thursday 17th December the government shared its intent that mass testing in secondary schools will begin in January.

To support this change, and to help further control the spread of Covid-19, the government have also announced a staggered return to secondary school after the Christmas holiday.

TSAT Planned Return

Primary Schools

There are no planned changes to the start of term for primary schools. All primary age pupils will return to school on Monday 4th January as planned.

Secondary Schools

In order to allow planning for the significant changes announced at secondary schools, all secondary schools in TSAT will be hosting a logistical planning day on Monday 4th January, and will be closed to all students.

From Tuesday 5th January, only year 11 and year 13 students, children of critical workers, and vulnerable children will attend face to face lessons. All other learning will take place online.

All secondary students will return to school full time on Monday 11th January.

January 2021 Staggered Return Timetable for secondary students:

Monday 4th January
School closed to all students

Tuesday 5th January to Friday 8th January
In school learning provided to:
• Year 11
• Year 13
• Children of critical workers
• Vulnerable children.

Online learning provided to:
• Year 7
• Year 8
• Year 9
• Year 10
• Year 12

For students in these year groups who receive free school meals, we will be organising hampers.

Monday 11th January
All students return to school for face to face learning.

Secondary schools  will be using the logistical planning day on Monday 4th January to set online work for those students not in school from Tuesday 5th January, and will share the details with you via their communication channels.

Secondary schools will also be using this day to plan for the introduction of Covid-19 testing. We currently anticipate that this will start mid-January, as we need to have in place the correct training and collect consent.

We apologise for the lateness of this decision and for any inconvenience caused as we do all that we can to help support the efforts to suppress Covid-19.