Tapton School Academy Trust

Adverse Weather

As we move into the winter months, on rare occasions our schools may need to close due to adverse weather. Our aim is to keep our schools open, but we consider the safety of all our children and staff. 

With the additional measures in place this year to minimise the risk of Covid-19, we will be putting the following action plan in place: 

1. School Open

There are limited staff absences and the school can operate as normal. Please do not ring the school to enquire about the status - schools will be open as normal unless indicated otherwise.

2. School Partially Open 

Staff absences are affecting the normal operation of the school. 

This year we will not be in a position to merge 'bubbles.' If there is a shortage of teaching staff then it is likely that all our schools will remain open for only some year groups. Year groups not in school will be informed using the usual communication channels. 

3. School Closed 

The school cannot operate safely. 

4. Late Opening 

On rare occasions where transport is particularly disrupted, or action needs to be taken to make the school site safe, we may make the decision to open schools late. 

Informing Parents/Carers

Any decisions to close a year group, or the school, will be made by the Headteacher in consultation with Tapton School Academy Trust. The decision will be made giving enough time before the start of the school day. 

The decision will be communicated via the school website and also the normal adverse weather channels in each school.