Tapton School Academy Trust

Become a Local Academy Member or Trustee

Become a Local Governing Board  (LGB) Member or Trustee of Tapton School Academy Trust (TSAT)

Outstanding Board governance is vital to the success of TSAT, with numerous Ofsted reports paying tribute to the role played by the governors of our Academy Committees.

TSAT Trustees set the strategic direction of the Trust in consultation with our Advisory Council of chairs of LGB’s.  LGB members carry much of the responsibility for ensuring the delivery of our strategic direction and for monitoring all aspects of performance in schools.

Being a LGB member or Trustee is a voluntary position and we are incredibly grateful to the highly skilled group of people who commit their time and expertise to our academies.

We are always keen to hear from individuals who want to become LGB members or Trustees.  To find out more, please contact Julia Delaney (Company Secretary) on 0114 294 1202 or enquiries@taptontrust.co.uk