Tapton School Academy Trust

Covid-19 Testing

On Thursday 17th December the government shared its intent that mass testing in secondary schools would begin in January. Following the national lockdown restrictions it has been confirmed that initial testing (2 tests per individual) will still take place for those staff and students currently onsite in our secondary schools. 

Our approach to testing and the privacy statement regarding personal data collected through the process are available below. Testing will be voluntary and free of charge.

Schools will contact staff, students and parents/guardians with the relevant information and consent forms. If you have any queries please do contact your school headteacher or business manager.


How you can help

Having a negative lateral flow test result does not mean that an individual is not carrying the Covid 19 virus.   Everyone must still ensure they are following all national and school guidance.   The includes social distancing, regular handwashing and mask wearing (where required).