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School members, trustees and local governors are the largest volunteer force in the country, and schools would be very different without their input. 

Outstanding governance is central to the success of TSAT, helping to set the direction of our schools and provide the supportive challenge needed to raise standards.

We have a framework in place to ensure governance is ethical, effective and accountable, and underpins our culture and ethos. 

Board Calendars

The trust board and local governing boards (LGBs) follow an annual calendar to ensure that they are discharging their duties as per the schemes of delegation.

Code of Conduct 

Members, trustees and local governors sign up to code of conduct that outlines the culture and ways of working, including behaviour and professional standards required.

Register of Interests

Members, trustees and local governors declare any business and pecuniary interests on an annual basis, or as circumstances change. 

The register of interests is updated annually in September.

Attendance at Meetings

Trustees and local governors are expected to attend a certain number of meetings each academic year and to prepare in advance for these meetings in order to ask relevant, challenging questions.

Skills Audit and Governance Effectiveness Survey

Trustees and local governors undertake an annual skills audit and effectiveness survey. This enables the trust to provide a structured and relevant training programme and ensures that our governance structures are fit for purpose.

Diversity Data

We are committed to equality and diversity in all of our governance recruitment, and always seek to ensure that our Boards are representative of the communities that they represent.