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Transition to secondary school

We offer an equitable transition package across all our schools so that all of our children and families make a positive transition from primary to secondary school. 

Secondary Transition Guarantee

  • TSAT staff collaborate to ensure a progressive curriculum between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 so that it is ambitious for all. 
  • Children will be provided with new exercise books to complete their transitional learning in the summer. This will move through with the children onto their TSAT secondary school. 
  • Transition days will focus around a core text that children will explore in their Year 6 classroom.
Pupil Welfare and Wellbeing
  • From Year 5 onwards, children will be offered 2 subject experiences in a TSAT secondary school. 
  • Year 6 children will experience a minimum of 3 days of whole school transition. 
  • Additional sessions may be offered to individual or small groups of children. 
  • Summer schools will be open to all Year 6 to Year 7 children. This is a minimum of 3 days. 
  • Year 6 children will experience Year 7 routines during summer term to support independence and be secondary ready. This may include children bringing their own equipment and being responsible for their own resources. 
Pupil Identification
  • Secondary key staff will be invited to attend the final SEND reviews for Year 6 pupils during the summer term. 
  • All academic and pastoral information will be passed between primary and secondary members in a timely manner. 
  • There will be a standard information document across the trust to share information. 
  • End of Year 6 reports will be shared with the feeder TSAT secondary schools. 
  • All TSAT secondary schools will offer open evenings during the autumn term. 
  • All TSAT primary schools will offer support to complete secondary placement applications, if requested. 
  • Following allocation from the Local Authority, the TSAT secondary schools will send a follow up welcome letter outlining the transition arrangements and key dates. 
  • Parents evening events will be undertaken during transition. Primary representatives from the TSAT schools aim to attend these meetings to support. 
Support for staff
  • All TSAT schools will provide the time for the appropriate staff to complete transition activities successfully.