Tapton School Academy Trust

Trust Governance

Leadership, Governance and Local Academy Choice 

Leadership and Governance

The Members of the Trust appoint directors and can amend the Articles of Association. 

  • The Board of Trustees  governs and manages the organisation and is accountable for all decisions. They adopted new Articles of Association on 3rd July 2017 following the appointment of 5 new Trustees to the Board and the retirement of the Trustees who were also Chairs of the Local Governing Boards (LGBs).   This was in line with best practice for multi academy Trusts governance
  • To ensure the Board retained the link to local school issues an Advisory Council was formed.  The membership being the Chairs of the LGBs
  • The Board operates three supporting sub-committees informed by the statutory, operational, compliance and financial timetables in place and a framework of decision making.  These are:
    • Risk, Assurance and Governance (RAG)
    • Finance and Resources (F&R)
    • Learning Experience (LE)
  • The committees are supported by reports from the Executive team led by the CEO
  • As the Board cannot delegate accountability it requires a robust form of scrutiny and oversight over decision making and it is the CEO, who is also the Accounting Officer who they call to account.  The Accounting Officer  is personally responsible to Parliament and to Education and Skills Funding Agency’s accounting officer for the financial resources under the Trust’s control
  • All the TSAT Academies are organised as partners within the Trust and have retained the role of Head teacher who reports to the CEO but is also scrutinised by the community and parents through LGB’s to ensure best possible outcomes for our learners
  • The Board believes that best results will be achieved when each school receives a level of responsibility and choice appropriate to its specific circumstances. Where a school is in a below good Ofsted category there will be close supervision of the school improvement strategy by TSAT through the Executive and School Improvement teams
  • For LGBs to carry out their role effectively, governors must be:
    • Prepared and equipped to take their responsibilities seriously
    • Acknowledged by the Lead professionals in the schools and accountable to the Trust through the Academy
    • Willing and able to monitor and review their own performance
  • We expect the core business of each LGB to be:
    • Reviewing and monitoring the Academy Improvement Plan
    • Monitoring and reviewing Progress and Attainment
    • Reviewing and monitoring the Curriculum
    • Reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the use of school resources including agreed budgets from Trust board
    • Ensuring that the Academy matches community needs through learner, parent and staff voice surveys
    • Carrying out statutory duties relating to safeguarding, Health and Safety, Data Protection etc

Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council (Council) advises the Board on key issues and strategic priorities relating to the Trust and the local member academy schools.   This ensures our member schools play a key role in the strategy and business plans of TSAT. 

The duties of the Council are to advise the Board and Executive.  This will include a report to the  Board on issues and provide an update on local delivery of the strategy.  The Chair of the Council may attend the Board to present and discuss issues on the report to the Board.