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Governance Structure

TSAT is a multi-academy trust (MAT), a charitable company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. 

The articles of association are the primary governing documents. 

Trustees are directors of the charitable company and are responsible for the strategic direction of the trust. 

In line with our commitment to ensure that every school retains its identity trustees have established local governing boards (LGBs) at local school level. LGBs have delegated responsibility to ensure that the trust strategy is delivered as per the requirements of the local context. 

Operational and strategic management of the trust is led by the executive team.  

The scheme of delegation sets out the accountabilities and responsibilities for each level of governance.

 Structure Chart

Committees of the Trust Board

The Trust Board manages its work through the following committees. The Terms of Reference for each committee are included as an appendix to the Schemes of Delegation.

Remuneration Committee

The terms of reference for the Remuneration Committee are based on the Chartered Governance Institute and the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Finance & Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is authorised to consider, advise on, or determine the strategies and policies for the effective and efficient use of financial, physical and human resources and is responsible for ensuring the solvency of the trust and the safeguarding of its assets

Risk and Governance Committee

The role of the Risk and Governance Committee is to maintain an oversight of the governance, risk management and internal control of the Trust.  

Learner Experience Committee (Quality of Education)

The role of the Learner Experience Committee (Quality of Education) is to maintain excellent standards in each of the schools, including the due diligence of any new schools wishing to join the Trust. 

Learner Experience Committee (Inclusion)

The role of the Learner Experience Committee (Inclusion) is to maintain excellent standards in each of the schools, with a specific focus on the quality of SEND provision and inclusive practices. 

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of chairs of each LGB. It advises the trust board on key issues and strategic priorities relating to TSAT and its schools, and ensures community feedback and local context plays a key role in the development of the TSAT strategy. 

The Advisory Council also contributes to ensuring that governance at individual school level is aligned with the overall governance of TSAT.